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Image by Krisztina Papp


Unfortunately you may find that your headstone has become unstable. This usually comes to the attention of a family once the local burial authority has either 'stake & banded' or laid flat the headstone.

For modern headstones (since 2001) this is unlikely to ever be an issue, unless there has been accidental or intentional damage. This is because almost all forms of headstones since that time are fitted with Ground Anchor Support Systems (see below).

In the event that your headstone does require reinstatement, it will have to be refitted to meet current regulations - this includes the Ground Anchor Support System. In addition to this, we will also fit it with the current regulation foundations.

There is also the possibility that your memorial has not been identified by a local council as at risk, but you personally feel that it is becoming unstable. If this is the case, you can contact us directly where we can carry out an assessment of the memorial and advise you further. 

Ground Anchor Support System

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