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Insurance & Guarantee

We know that it is important that you feel confident that your memorial is a lasting tribute to your loved one. Both our guarantee and insurance can assure you have this confidence.

Below we provide some more detail on the insurance we offer and our guarantee


Our Guarantee

An Unbeatable 30 Year Guarantee

Ash Memorials Ltd

As a member of NAMM and a BRAMM approved and registered company (Reg No. B00079) we ensure that all work carried out on the installation of your memorial complies to BS 8415. It also guarantees (subject to conditions*) that should the memorial prove to be faulty in workmanship or material within 30 years of the memorial first being fitted, then the fault shall be corrected or if this is not possible, the memorial replaced without expense to the purchaser.



'All Risks' Insurance for Memorial Stones


Though we know you will of course look after your memorial, there may still be the need to safeguard your memorial to ensure it can be repaired or replaced in the event of damage or vandalism.


Whilst it is impossible to prevent the risk of these distressing possibilities, you can ensure you are covered using 'Stoneguard All Risks' insurance. This insurance can ensure your memorial will be repaired or replaced in the event of damage being doing to your memorial.

Ash Memorials can provide you with a policy from as little as £31.00 for a 5 year policy.

'Stoneguard All Risks' cover is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc.



  1. As natural materials very from time to time in colour and texture this guarantee relates only to the type and soundness of the material and not to its colour or texture.

  2. This guarantee does not apply to natural weathering or deteriation of materials such as marble or limestones.

  3. This guarantee shall not apply to gilding, painting or leading on the memorial.

  4. This guarantee shall not apply to any damage caused by any third party including vandalism, and shall have become invalid if anyone other than the supplier removes, disturbs, maintains or adds to the inscription. We strongly recommend the purchaser considers investing in a specialist memorial insurance (further information above).

  5. This guarantee applies in respect to stability and subsidence only where any pre-installed concrete foundations (fitted by local authority) and any of the immediate surrounding fround maintained by the Burial Authoirty, is fully guaranteed for the same perioud of time. Any backfilling of excavated areas mu ne completed to current building construction standards.

  6. If any dispute should arise between the Purchaser and the Seller concerning any matter relating to the Guarantee within the first 10 years, such dispute shall be referred to the National Association of Memorial Masons.

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