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A range of headstones that demonstrate a variety of granite, designs and shapes.

All of our headstones are made to the specification required, so if you cannot find the perfect headstone below please contact us and we can design the memorial that you want.

Please click on the memorials for more details and a closer look.

Classic Headstones

Classic lawn memorials that demonstrate a variety of granites and designs.


Deep carved and highlighted roses that follow a gothic shape.


A rounded top headstone with a laser etched dove design.

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Rustic Headstones

Rustic lawn memorials that demonstrate a more natural stone finish while retaining its polished granite face.


Traditional Celtic Wheel Cross memorial in Lunar Grey granite.

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Individual Headstones

Memorials with unique features; including particular shapes, designs and layouts.


The matching chamfer to the headstone and base of this memorial help offer a unique look.


Historic appearing Celtic wheel cross with Celtic design.

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Hand Carved Headstones

Hand carved

These memorials demonstrate the detailed hand carved designs that are possible.


A large circular headstone flanked by two fully carved

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Book Headstones

Book Memorials

These lawn memorials are designed to resemble books, with a variety of additional designs.



A closed book memorial with a simple banding design on the spine.

An unusual book memorial includes a 42" tall cross as the centerpiece. 

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Heart Headstones

Heart Memorials

These lawn memorials all incorporate a heart shape, with additional details presenting a wide array of options.


A beautifully carved depiction of an angel holding a heart.


Deep carved roses with optional offer a noticeable uniqueness.

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