A range of materials are available when producing memorials such as granite, slate, marble and other forms of soft stone. However as 'Monumental Masons' we predominantly use granite, this is due to its physical attributes and availability making it superior for the use of memorials.

Below we provide some more detail regarding the granites we use.



Though we provide memorials in a variety of material, the vast majority of them are made using a form of granite. These granites materials are usually quarried from either India or China, then undergo several stages before being able to engrave inscriptions on them.

This process is what allows us to dictate exactly how your memorial will look, you are able to tell us what colour, shape and finish you wish the memorial to have and we then arrange for that memorial to be made before engraving your inscription.

We can also assure any clients that we only use suppliers who have strict policies regarding the sourcing of materials and the use of child or bonded labour. Our suppliers are long established companies who carry out inspections on quarries that produce the materials.





This is a selective list of granite, as a naturally occurring resource the list of available granite does change. Please contact us and ask for more information if you would like to know more.