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How The Process Works






Which type of memorial?

Each Cemetery and section has its own regulations, this will dictate if you are permitted a 'Lawn', 'Traditional' or 'Cremation' memorial.


If you do not know which memorial you are permitted you can contact us directly for further advice or speak to your local authority.

Choosing your memorial

Once you know what type of memorial you are permitted, it is then time to choose your memorial. You can view a wide range of these on our 'memorials' page.


These memorials are available in a range of materials, the majority of which are a type of granite - our 'materials' page can provide more detail.

As our memorials are made to order, anything you see can be made in a different material or size.



Deciding on the right wording can be difficult, this is something that we can offer guidance on. It will also become easier later in the process, as you will see your inscription on a computer proof. 

Most inscriptions follow a similar format, however it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong wording, only what is important to you and your family.

We provide some guidance regarding the common formats of wording here.

Ordering your memorial

Once you have an idea of the memorial and wording, we can then provide you with a full cost and an estimated completion time.

You can order a memorial with us by visiting our showroom or contacting us by phone or email.

View our Contact Us page for details on our location or contact details.

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Computer Proofs
Once the memorial is ordered and we have the wording, we will then design computer proofs for you to consider. At this point we will work with you until we have an inscription design that you are pleased with.

Local Authority Permits

Whilst we are waiting for delivery of materials, we ensure all relevant paperwork is completed and permits are obtained with the local authority board.

We are regularly in contact with these authorities and so can deal with the majority of queiries for you, however if you did wish to contact them directly we do have some useful contact for you here.


Fitting Your Memorial

Once we have taken delivery of the materials we can then complete the engraving and fitting of the memorial.

As required in order to fit memorials, we are a fully licensed with BRAMM.


To ensure the highest quality and safety we are also NAMM accredited, the only Masons in Cardiff to be so.

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