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Our History


Alan Ash started his working career as a letter carver's apprentice in 1949 and progressed over the years to become a master of his trade and very highly respected letter carver. He also managed a large monumental company during which time he gained vast experience and knowledge of the business.

In 1982 Alan and his wife Maureen decided to go into business for themselves and started their company 'A.M.Ash Monumental Sculptor', in Lansdowne Road, Canton, Cardiff. Their thought was that they could offer families a considerably better and more personal service than was available anywhere else in Cardiff.


Alan and Maureen made 'A.M.Ash Monumental Sculptor' an established, highly regarded and very successful business over the years. Their knowledge, skill and business ethics were all passed on to the next generation  when their son Neil joined the business in 1984. Neil is now the managing director of the business and manages the business with his wife Maria as 'Ash Memorials Ltd'. 

Recently Neil and Maria's son Daniel became the third generation to work at Ash Memorials. He has always shown an active interest in the business and has spent a lot of time in and around it as he grew up. He has quickly become a knowledgeable member of the team, acquiring the skills and knowledge passed down through generations. If you wish to know a little more about who we are, you can do so here.

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