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Additional Inscriptions

There may come a time when additional wording needs to be added to your headstone. In this moment it is important that you are confident that your memorial is being handled professionally. As experienced Memorial Masons, you can rest assured that we will handle your memorial with care and can match your new inscription to the existing one accurately. We can also offer expert refurbishment of your memorial whilst it has been removed.


There are usually a number of questions for a lot of families:

'how do I arrange it?' and 'when does it need to be removed?'

How do I arrange this?

Making these arrangements is very straightforward, simply contact us and we can take the relevant details from you, provide you with a quote and proceed with the work following a deposit payment.

When does it need to be removed?

When it needs to be removed does depend on what memorial you have and where the memorial is. Fortunately your Funeral Director should help arrange for the memorial stone to be removed, if it is required*. However as Ash Memorials is a completely independent business, you may have to inform your Funeral Director that you want Ash Memorials to remove the memorial - as a number of Funeral Directors aren't independent and will have preexisting business arrangements in place.

*Some modern raft sections (see below) do not require the memorial to be removed for a funeral to take place, therefore you would need to contact us directly and arrange for an additional inscription.

Raft sections

Western Cemetery

Section V

Section Q


Thornhill Cemetery

Section XD

Section XE

Section XJ

Pantmawr Cemetery

Section H

Section I

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